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VM/ESA Release 2.1, REXX370 Version 4.00

Last updated 20 October 1998
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License Plate: REXX

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bit = ABBREV(information,info[,minlength])     Abbreviation match
num = ABS(number)                              Absolute value
str = ADDRESS()                                Query current environment
num = ARG()                                    Number of arguments
val = ARG(n)                                   Nth argument
bit = ARG(n,'Exists')                          Does nth argument exist?
bit = ARG(n,'Omitted')                         Was nth argument omitted?
str = BITAND(str1[,[str2][,pad]])              Logically and strings
str = BITOR(str1[,[str2][,pad]])               Logically or strings
str = BITXOR(str1[,[str2][,pad]])              Logically xor strings
str = B2X(str)                                 Binary to hex (0F=00001111)
str = CENTER(str,length[,pad])                 Center string
str = CENTRE(str,length[,pad])                 CENTER for Brits
str = CHARIN([name][,[start][,length]])        Read chars from input stream
num = CHAROUT([name][,[start][,length]])       Write chars to output stream
bit = CHARS([name])                            Any chars in input stream?
bit = CMSFLAG(flag)                            Query SET ... (see CMSFLAG)
cix = COMPARE(str1,str2[,pad])                 0 or first mismatch
str = CONDITION('Condition')                   Name of trapped condition
str = CONDITION(['Instruction'])               CALL or SIGNAL
str = CONDITION('Description')                 Description or null
str = CONDITION('Status')                      ON, OFF, or DELAY
str = COPIES(str,n)                            n copies of entire string
rc  = CSL('rtnname retcode parms')             Callable services library
num = C2D(str[,n])                             Character to decimal
str = C2X(str)                                 Character to hexadecimal
str = DATATYPE(str)                            NUM or CHAR
bit = DATATYPE(str,type)                       Matches type? (see DATATYPE)
str = DATE()                                   Current date (dd Mmm yyyy)
str = DATE(dopt)                               Date info (see DATE)
... = DB...(str,...)                           13 DBCS support functions
str = DELSTR(str,n)                            Delete cix from n to end
str = DELSTR(str,n,length)                     Delete cix n for length
str = DELWORD(str,n)                           Delete wix from n to end
str = DELWORD(str,n,length)                    Delete wix n for length
str = DIAG(hex[?][,data][,data]...)            ? displays diagnostics
str = DIAGRC(hex[?][,data][,data]...)          Also returns CP codes
str = D2C(wholenumber[,n])                     Decimal to character
str = D2X(wholenumber[,n])                     Decimal to hexadecimal
str = ERRORTEXT(n)                             Error message text (0-99)
num = EXTERNALS()                              See PARSE EXTERNAL
wix = FIND(haystack,needle)                    0=not found; prefer WORDPOS
str = FORM()                                   Query NUMERIC FORM
str = FORMAT(num[,[before][,[after]]])         Around decimal place
str = FUZZ()                                   Query NUMERIC FUZZ
cix = INDEX(haystack,needle[,start])           Default start=1; prefer POS
str = INSERT(new,str[,[n][,[length][,pad]]])   Insert after cix n
str = JUSTIFY(str,length[,pad])                Right-left justify
cix = LASTPOS(needle,haystack[,start])         POS from right to left
str = LEFT(str,length[,pad])                   Take chars from left
num = LENGTH(str)                              Shape (in chars)
str = LINEIN([name][,[line][,count]])          Read line from input stream
bit = LINEOUT([name][,[string][,line]])        Write line to output stream
num = LINES([name])                            Input stream lines remaining
num = LINESIZE()                               From CP TERM LINESIZE
num = MAX(num[,num...])                        Maximum (up to 10 numbers)
num = MIN(num[,num...])                        Minimum (up to 10 numbers)
str = OVERLAY(new,str[,[n][,[length][,pad]]])  Overlay after cix n
cix = POS(needle,haystack[,startcix])          0=not found
num = QUEUED()                                 Lines in stack
num = RANDOM()                                 Random whole number 0-999
num = RANDOM([min][,[max][,seed]])             Random whole number in range
str = REVERSE(str)                             Rotate string
str = RIGHT(str,length[,pad])                  Take chars from right
num = SIGN(num)                                Signum: -1, 0, or 1
num = SOURCELINE()                             Lines in source file
str = SOURCELINE(n)                            Nth line from file
str = SPACE(str[,[n][,pad]])                   Normalize spaces; def n=1
hex = STORAGE()                                Virtual storage size in hex
hex = STORAGE(address,length)                  Read storage
hex = STORAGE(address,length,data)             Write storage
str = STREAM(name[,'State'])                   State of stream
str = STREAM(name,'Description')               State of stream, more detail
str = STREAM(name,'Command',cmd)               Apply command to stream
str = STRIP(str[,[option][,char]])             L, T, or default=Both
str = SUBSTR(str,firstcix[,[length][,pad]])    Substring
str = SUBWORD(str,firstwix[,length])           Def length=rest of string
str = SYMBOL(name)                             State: BAD, VAR, or LIT
str = TIME()                                   Current time (hh:mm:ss)
str = TIME(topt)                               Time info (see TIME)
str = TRACE()                                  Query trace actions
str = TRACE(option)                            Alter trace, return prev
str = TRANSLATE(str[,[new][,[old][,pad]]])     Map old to new
num = TRUNC(num[,n])                           Truncate to n decimals
str = USERID()                                 Query logon userid
val = VALUE(name)                              Query value of name
val = VALUE(name,val)                          Change value of name
val = VALUE(name[,val],selector [groupname])   GLOBAL/LASTING/SESSION var
cix = VERIFY(str,okchars[,['Nomatch'],start])  First bad cix; 0=all ok
cix = VERIFY(str,okchars,'Match'[,start])      First good cix; 0=none
str = WORD(str,wix)                            Extract nth word
cix = WORDINDEX(str,wix)                       Char pos of nth word
num = WORDLENGTH(str,wix)                      Chars in nth word
wix = WORDPOS(needle,haystack[,start])         Find word(s)

num : Number str : String bit : 0 or 1 cix : Character index wix : Word index val : Value (num or str)


/* ... */   Comment (may span lines, may be nested)
,           Line continuation
;           Statement separator
v.i         Compound variable
'0f'x       Hexadecimal notation
'0010'b     Binary notation


May use characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and @ # $ \ . ! ? _
Special variables: RC, RESULT, SIGL


Operators are grouped by precedence (highest to lowest) below.
Operators of equal precedence are evaluated from left to right.

\ ¬ Logical NOT (prefix) + Numeric (prefix); same as 0+num - Negate (prefix); same as 0-num
** Raise to (whole) power
* Multiply / Divide % Integer divide: divide and return integer part // Remainder: divide and return remainder (not modulo; result may be negative)
+ Add - Subtract
(abuttal) || Concatenate without blank (blank) Concatenate with blank
== Strictly equal (identical) ¬== /== \== Not strictly equal >> Strictly greater than << Strictly less than >>= ¬<< \<< Strictly greater than or equal to; not less than <<= ¬>> \>> Strictly less than or equal to; not greater than = Equal (numerically or when padded, etc.) ¬= /= \= >< <> Not equal; greater than or less than > Greater than < Less than >= ¬< \< Greater than or equal to; not less than <= ¬> \> Less than or equal to; not greater than
| Inclusive OR (either, or both) && Exclusive OR (either, but not both)


        Permanently toggle destination of commands to last environment
ADDRESS environment
        CMS       Full command resolution; default for EXECs
        CMSMIXED  Same as CMS but no uppercase translation
        COMMAND   Must use EXEC and CP prefixes; most efficient
        ''        Same as COMMAND
        XEDIT     Route commands to system editor
        Permanently change destination of commands
ADDRESS VALUE envexpression
        Permanently change destination of commands
ADDRESS environment cmdexpression
        Specify destination for just this one command
ARG [template]
        Same as PARSE UPPER ARG [template]
CALL name [expression [,expression]]...  (up to 20 expressions)
        If name in quotes, only built-in or external function called
        Optional result returned in special variable RESULT
CALL ON condition [NAME trapname]
        ERROR     Host command returns non-zero rc
                    (or just positive rc if ON FAILURE too)
        FAILURE   Host command returns negative return code
        HALT      Attempt to interrupt (such as HI)
        NOTREADY  Error during input or output operation
        Call on specified condition; variable SIGL contains line number
CALL OFF condition
        Cancel CALL ON trap
DO [ name = expr [TO expr] [BY expr] [FOR expr] ]  [ WHILE expr ]
   [ FOREVER                                    ]  [ UNTIL expr ]
   [ expr                                       ]
  END [symbol]
        Repeated execution of a group of instructions
DROP name|(namelist) [name|(namelist) ...]
        Unassign named variables and/or list of vars contained in variable
EXIT [expression]
        Unconditionally leave; optionally return data
IF expression THEN instruction [ELSE instruction]
        Conditional execution
INTERPRET expression
        Execute expression as though it were a line in input file
ITERATE [name]
        Steps current or named do loop
LEAVE [name]
        Ends current or named do loop
        Dummy instruction
NUMERIC DIGITS [expression]
        Number of significant digits (default=9; can be arbitrarily high!)
        Exponential notation format; default=SCIENTIFIC
NUMERIC FUZZ expression
        Digits, at full precision, to ignore during comparisons (default=0)
OPTIONS 'ETMODE'    Check for valid DBCS strings
        'NOETMODE'  Don't check for valid DBCS strings (default)
        'EXMODE'    Handle DBCS data on a logical character basis
        'NOEXMODE'  All string data handled on a byte basis (default)
PARSE [UPPER] ARG [template]      Program/subroutine/function parameters
              EXTERNAL            Next string from terminal input buffer
              LINEIN              Next line from default input stream
              NUMERIC             Current DIGITS FUZZ FORM settings
              PULL                Next string from program stack
              SOURCE              Source of program being executed
              VALUE [expr] WITH   Parse result of expression
              VAR name            Parse named variable
              VERSION             Query REXX version
        Assign data to one or more variables
PROCEDURE [EXPOSE name|(namelist) [name|(namelist) ...]]
        Protect (localize) variables in internal function or subroutine
        By default, all variables are global
PULL [template]
        Same as PARSE UPPER PULL
PUSH [expression]
        Stack resulting string LIFO in program stack
QUEUE [expression]
        Stack resulting string FIFO in program stack
RETURN [expression]
        Return control; like EXIT if no internal routine active
        Returns result from function; sets RESULT variable from subroutine
SAY [expression]
        Displays (TYPEs) a line to default output stream (the terminal)
  WHEN expression THEN instruction
  WHEN expression THEN instruction
  OTHERWISE instruction
        Case-conditional execution
        Only the first matching case is executed
SIGNAL label
        Pass control to label
SIGNAL [VALUE] expression
        Pass control to label evaluated from expression
SIGNAL ON condition [NAME trapname]
          ERROR     Host command returns non-zero rc
                      (or just positive rc if ON FAILURE too)
          FAILURE   Host command returns negative return code
          HALT      Attempt to interrupt (such as HI)
          NOTREADY  Error during input or output operation
          NOVALUE   Uninitialized variable used
          SYNTAX    Interpretation syntax error
        Signal on specified condition; variable SIGL contains line number
SIGNAL OFF condition
        Cancel SIGNAL ON trap
TRACE [prefix] [letter]
      ?=Toggle pause for interactive debug input after trace occurs
      !=Toggle inhibit host command execution (try TRACE !C)
      A=All: all clauses traced (displayed) before execution
      C=Commands: all host commands traced, non-zero rc's displayed
      E=Error: host commands with non-zero rc traced after execution
      F=Failure: host commands with negative rc traced after execution
      I=Intermediates: All + intermediate results
      L=Labels: display labels as passed during execution
      N=Normal=Negative: host cmds with negative rc traced after execution
      O=Off, or no argument: nothing traced; prefix actions off
      R=Results: final (not intermediate) results, plus PULL, ARG, PARSE
      S=Scan: trace remaining clauses without executing
TRACE [number]
   n=skip next n interactive debug pauses
  -n=skip next n tracing displays
UPPER variable [variable ...]
   Translate contents of named variables to uppercase
PARSE SOURCE s.1 s.2 s.3 s.4 s.5 s.6 s.7
   s.1 = 'CMS'
   s.3 = Filename
   s.4 = Filetype
   s.5 = Filemode
   s.6 = Name as invoked (possibly different than s.3 if synonym used)
   s.7 = Default ADDRESS for commands
TRACE Messages
   *-*  Source data in program
   +++  Trace message
   >>>  Result of expression, parsed value, or returned from subroutine
   >.>  Value assigned to placeholder during parsing
   during TRACE I:
   >C>  Name of compound variable
   >F>  Result of function call
   >L>  Literal (string or uninitialize variable)
   >O>  Result of operation on two terms
   >P>  Result of prefix operation
   >V>  Contents of a variable

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