Wanted to Buy:

Hawkes Cut-Glass Tumblers

I have seven of these, and I am looking to buy a few more.
Do you have any that you would like to sell?
Let me know how much you want for them.

They're cut glass, 3+7/8" tall, 2+7/8" wide at the top, 2+3/8" wide at the bottom.

I have two reports that this pattern appears on page 7 of the book
The Hawkes Hunter by Bettye W. Waher,
and is called "R. C. Chantilly".

The people at Replacements, Ltd. call this pattern

Note that the pattern repeats 6 times around the glass;
3 times with the etched horizontal lines at about 3+1/4",
alternating with 3 times with the lines at about 2+1/2".

Sorry about the poor quality of the images, but all I have is a flat-bed scanner.
The toothpick is just to stop the glass from rolling!

Note that while the bottom is round, it looks like it's octagonal inside.

The word "HAWKES" is faintly etched in the bottom.

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